Digital Diary

Dear internet diary, I am going full steam ahead! Today I have started vlogging, and it shall be up on my Youtube channel on Sunday. I'm going to record the weeks events of whatever I do, and then I'll put it all together in one video. I'm looking forward to seeing how far I come… Continue reading Digital Diary



Dear internet diary. I've figured that's the most appropriate start to posts now. I was thinking, and it's more for me than anyone else, of starting up a youtube channel. Not specifically for anything. Just for fun, to express creativity and other stuff. Would you be interested? Love always, Hannah.


Written words stole my… mind

Dear possible readers, I write to you now it complete and utter heart break. A few days ago I stumbled Upton the author Pepper Winters, and now my heart is just realising how much of a devastating mistake that was. My brain, however, is screaming at me in congratulations. 'Pennies' just opened up my heart,… Continue reading Written words stole my… mind